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My attempts to “print” on wood.


A sweet friend of mine recently asked me to re-do one of her kitchen stools to match the silverware plaques that I made for her earlier this summer. I, of course, said yes….but I was lacking in inspiration. I knew something would come to me eventually, but I really wanted to WOW her with my awesome furniture skills (ok, so I’m a complete amateur here, but it is a fun hobby…and I’m learning so much=) ).

One evening, in my vain attempt to ignore the laundry/dishes/dirty floors, I was lazily scrolling through my facebook feed. I saw where my friend had just posted a photo of her new tattoo of some sweet looking arrows. They fit her personality and style so well! Instantly, I knew what I wanted to do with her kitchen stool…..but I wasn’t quite sure of the process. I quickly jumped to google (hey, why not..the floors can wait..) and researched how to “print” on wood.

I found a bagillion different methods that all looked great, but I needed something easy, with materials that I already had on hand. So I went with this tutorial ~~(if you click, it will take you there!)

In true me fashion...there is no before photo. At least not a good one. Oh and most of these photos are from my phone....your welcome (there is some sarcasm there....). 

I started by spray painting the legs an awesome krylon lagoon color. I LOVE this hue! It took about three coats, but krylon goes on so super smooth.

I tried to sand the seat, but those stains were not budging so I needed to come up with a plan B. I went with a crisp white paint…also took three coats.

Then I went to Photoshop and found a cute arrow clipart. I size it to fit nicely on the seat and printed it out on the shiny side of the adhesive paper backing (see above tutorial for full directions).
I had intended on only using one arrow, but she looked so lonely…plus she wasn’t as saturated as I wanted. So I did it again….

And still. It wasn’t quite right. One arrow was darker than the other. So I tried another method with modpodge and more printouts, this time on regular paper. The idea was to smear the ink side with MP, place it on the top, when it dries wet and rub paper off, and the ink was SUPPOSED to stay in place….notice the word in caps there?!? Yea, the ink did not.

So I debated on hand painting the arrows…but that seemed too labor intensive (sorry Michelle!). I had my husband look at it and he assumed I wanted it to have that rustic look….ok, I’ll go with that.

Either way you look at it, I’m please with how it turned out overall. Could’ve been a lot worse!


Wanna know the weird thing!??! I tested this method (the adhesive paper backing) on TWO of my own pieces before doing the stool. The first one I did came out AWESOME.

The second was a little smudged and weird looking, but again, it kinda looks like I meant it to be that way.

Both of these pieces can be found in the new shop I’m displaying in these days- All Things Herbal Local Market (Follow them on facebook!)

So, have you ever tried “printing” on wood? What methods worked well for you? Please, fill me in, because I could totally fall in love with this kind of crafting.


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"I am in love with my stool! You need to give yourself more credit Megan, you're amazing! It is far better than anything I had imagined and definitely far better than anything I would've done to it! It looks perfect I'm my kitchen with the rest of my decor you made! You are definitely my go - to girl for anything I need made(except for jewelry and body products, and for those of you who don't know me, that's because those are the products I make! Lol!) It's so nice to have such a crafty friend! I need to take a few lessons from you! Thanks for everything Megan, I truly love you girl!♡"

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