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Garden Bean Teepee- Project #1


Spring Break project #1: Build a bean teepee

I’m super pumped about the thoughts of my boys playing in/under a gorgeously green canopy of leaves this summer with the new bean teepee I constructed yesterday.

It was SUPER easy to make and I only needed a little help setting the whole thing up. The best part is it only took about 20 minutes! I love instant gratification. 

Step #1: Call up your super nice neighbor friend (AKA The Handyman) and ask to use some of the bamboo he grows in the corner of this yard. Or, you could just go buy some super long stakes/poles at the garden store. I like free better, so I went with option one. (I need to grow some of this stuff! It’s amazing!!)

Step #2: Clip off all small shoots from bamboo, leaving about an inch sticking out from each.

Step #3: Lay 4-5 poles on the ground, making sure the ends are even.

Step #4: Using wire, attached poles near the top securely. I twisted and wrapped until there was no more wire left. Hopefully, it holds. Update: It was SUPER windy last night and the teepee still stands! Woohoo!

Step #5: Have some child labor help you stand up the poles and spread them out around the area you will be planting.

Step #6: Once the poles are in place, (it should look like a teepee now) push each end into the earth. I alternated sides so the whole thing didn’t topple over. For example, after I pressed one down in the ground, I went directly across from it to the opposite pole and pushed that one down. Repeat. Make sure all poles are pushed down into the ground as far as they will go.

Step #7: Line the perimeter with stones for an extra fancy look. I halfway finished this, and then decided it would be a good job for the oldest child. He's gotta take some ownership right?!?

Step #8: Plant beans (or other vine-y things…flowers would be lovely!! Or Hops….that would be ironic, dontcha think?)

Step #9: Wait till beans start growing up each pole (you may need to tie some to the pole to guide it in the direction you want it to go.) Place children in the green leafy teepee.

Step #10: Enjoy the distant giggles and squeals of summer fun safely from your porch, Blue Moon in hand.


Sounds pretty easy right?!

Check back tomorrow for spring break project #2!!


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