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Paisley Table: Spring Break project #5!


Happy Monday, Friends! I left ya hanging last night with my spring break project #5 reveal, and as promised here it is!! I hope this little beauty brightens your day.

I’m so in love with this table. I know I’ve done the paisley stencil in the past, but dang, it is a pretty one. And I knew I was gifting this piece to my sister (who also has the matching coffee table AND gold dipped chairs) So I used it again.

It started as a scratched up, tired, old table with great bones. The drop leafs on either side have the coolest, working, metal mechanism and I love that it can go from a rectangular table to a round.

See my little helper??

Sanding was first priority. I made sure to sand off all the old stain from the top. I then used a finer snad paper to finish it off with buttery smoothness.

The legs were lightly sanded as well.

I wanted it to match the gold dip chairs that I previously re-finished so she can use them as a set in her home, so I busted out the gold spray paint and began with the legs.  Each leg was painted white, then taped off. Gold spray paint was then applied to the base of each leg. I’m kinda amazed with the coverage that metallic spray paint has.

Once the legs were done, I flipped her over and started on the top. Stenciling can be a little tricky if you’ve never done it before.
I taped down the edges and started with a very light coat of white paint with a small roller. I gave it three light coats of paint, allowing it to dry in between each coat.

Once that section was done, I moved the stencil down, lined it up, and repeated. The only tricky part was on the opposite end. I wanted both ends of the table to have a few inches of space, so I actually taped off some of the stencil before painting.

I had a little trouble deciding on what stain to use. I initially thought I wanted a more natural stain, but after it was on, I knew we needed to go a little darker. I ended up re-staining to top with “Early American” stain.

I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. I even like how the white paisley stencil took a bit of the stain. Makes it look more natural and aged. Which is perfect.

The last step was sealing with some polyurethane gloss. Because this is a kitchen table and (hopefully) meals will be eaten on it, I needed to make sure the surface was going to be durable.

Personally, I’m having a little bit of a hard time giving this one away. I’m so in love with this table! Good thing it is going to my sister’s house and I can visit it at any time=). 

What do you think? Like it? Or LOVE it?!
Thanks for following along with my projects this past week! It has been super fun to share them with you, my sweet readers.


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"I love the contrast with the white and gold legs. I was expecting the paisley across the whole top, but it looks great with it just on the center. Very pretty!"

By Alyssa McVey on 04/23/2014

"I love how that turned out. It is so easy to transform a piece of furniture. I have a couple that I will be working on once the weather warms up a bit."

By Jennifer Williams on 04/22/2014

"This turned out amazing! I've never really done much with refinishing furniture but you make it look so nice! Great job!"

By sharon on 04/22/2014

"This is my favorite thing you've done so far! It's awesome! Really great job!!!! ( Are there enough exclamation points here? i can add more if you'd like.)"

By Tiffani on 04/22/2014

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! And it looks amazing in my kitchen! I'm so lucky to have such an amazing sister to furnish my house!"

By Kaitlyn on 04/21/2014

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