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Hi. It’s me. I’m still alive and kicking. Things have been awful crazy busy around here and I guess I should apologize for not keep you, my sweet readers, in the loop. But ya know what…I’m not gonna. Not because I don’t love ya’ll, or think that I’ve let you down for not posting more often. Because both of those statements are truth. I’m not going to apologize because it is what it is right now. We are in a season of life that has no breaks for sitting down to write. And I know you sweet people know exactly what I’m talking about. Heck, you’ve probably been there (or are there right now) yourselves! I could drone on today about all of the things that keep me busy, how hard it is to maintain sanity (and bedtimes), and how tired I am at any given moment of any given day. But I will spare you the gory details and just give ya the bulleted list:

Football. Has. Taken Over.

This child never stops moving.

School is back in full swing.

Add in a few bumps in the childcare situation.

Custom orders are on the upswing (yay for business! Now finding time to sit and sew…)

A messy house.
A neglected garden.

And that’s just skimming the surface.

I’ll admit, I’ve had a few minor break downs in the past few weeks. I’ve let myself get WAY too overwhelmed with….everything.

So I made a decision. I’ve got to give up something. This was so much harder to do than one would think. Saying “no” isn’t really my strong point. I don’t want to give up my job, because it pays the bills. I want my kid to be happy, well adjusted, healthy, have friends, etc. So cutting football is out. I finally came to the conclusion that I would have to cut out things that I enjoy, but I’m finding it harder and harder to keep up with.

Case in point: The garden.
I’ve got GIANT beans hanging from the teepee, and weeds as tall as me in the main beds.

But I had to let it go. And it was sad. I grieved for a moment, and then felt a rush of relief. One thing off my plate. On a bright note, the pear tree still gave me six apples today and there are four more on him almost ready. And OH MY GOODNESS they are good.

Blogging. This topic could be a post by itself! I’m not giving it up….so don’t panic! I’m just going to slow things down a bit. I don’t want to force myself to write, because then you don’t get to see the REAL me behind the words. And I’m not going to take on any more sponsored posts for the next several months (because deadlines make me break out into hives). I do have one or two more to finish up, but after that, this space is all me. And I’ll not check stats, or worry that I’m not growing readership, getting pinned enough, or tweeted about. Because I’ve got you and you are wonderful. You are enough.

I’m also taking on less custom orders, and charging a more realistic amount for my time and materials. This means that the orders I do take on will be worth it to me not only because I’m making someone happy with my crafty skills, but because I’m actual getting paid a fair wage to do it too. Too honest? Maybe.

You know how I don’t like those pink elephants hanging around in the room. They take up too much of my precious oxygen.

Thanks, my friends, for being enough. Love your guts.


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