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Fall Bucket List


I couldn’t let the beginning of fall (my favorite season) come and go without touching base with you, my sweet readers. It is true that finding a spare 20 minutes to sit down and write a bit is proving to be a tad difficult this fall. Some evenings, my brain is mush. Anything I write ends up sounding like a mishmash of craziness spouting from my head. To spare you from that, I’ve scaled back a bit (if you haven’t noticed!).  Even so, I’m feeling rather normal this evening so I hope that this hodgepodge of my musings makes sense.

This keeps us  so busy! But he loves it. And that's why we do it. 

There are so many wonderful reasons to love this season, so today, I want to share with you my Fall Bucket list! (disclaimer: my expectations are slightly low because we are so crazy busy, so my list totally reflects that=) Hey, it is what it is. Might as well be honest!).


Fall Bucket List:

1.) Play in the leaves with my boys
2.) Survive the remainder of football season.
3.) Drink a pumpkin flavored coffee-ish drink with some girl pals.
4.) Have a few friends over for the last bonfire.
5.) Make s’mores and drink cider at said bonfire. 
6.) Carve pumpkins!
7.) Roast pumpkin seeds!
8.) Go on a nature walk to collect pretty leaves as a family.
9.) Take a scenic drive one afternoon to see the autumn colors.
10.) Bake something delish.

That’s it! I think I can accomplish all of those things!!

Light Bulb Moment: I just realized how cool it would be to post a photo of each one of these as we do them! Just a quick post with a photo and a caption….what do you think?!?
No promises, but I think I might be able to do that too. Maybe I’ll make that #11 on the list=).

What’s on your bucket list for the fall???? Let me know in the comments!!


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"Great list! I think I’ll just copy and paste it. wink

However, my fall bucket list will probably look more like this
1.) Play in the on the astro turf with my boys
2.) Survive the remainder of photography and hunting seasons.
3.) Drink a hot chai flavored drink while walking through target by MYSELF.
4.) Have the neighbors over for the last bonfire.
5.) Make s’mores and drink cider at said bonfire. smile
6.) Carve pumpkins, by myself b/c the boys can’t stand the “guts” and Todd just doesn’t understand the importance, lol!
7.) Roast pumpkin seeds, over and over and over and over........
8.) Go on a nature walk to collect pretty leaves and take pictures of my family.
9.) Take a scenic drive one afternoon to see the autumn colors, completely off road on the side of mountain.
10.) Bake something delish, prob a 12min microwave spice-something cake.

I SURE HOPE you take pics of each on your list! I’d love to see all of them."

By Tiffany on 09/23/2014

"Nice list! Perfectly doable! I made caramel apples last night....I think I would like to put homemade doughnuts and another outside fire with S'Mores on my bucket list. Why do they all include food?"

By Mom on 09/23/2014

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