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Mother Earth News Fair 2014


We took off this past Friday, after a few long stress filled weeks, to spend a day among the hippies.  For the past three years, we've attended the Mother Earth News Fair in Seven Springs, PA. I walked away from this event Friday evening so inspired (also with some shin splints....a story for later). 

The Handsome (fanny pack wearing) Husband and I brought both children. I was a little worried about being able to see and do the things we like to do while there with kids who need things, like food and naps, in tow. Thankfully, both boys were well behaved. My inlaws were also with us, and they were such a huge help. 

I got to see many vendors again this year that I'd friended in previous years. I also got to meet several new and super sweet folks! 

The one who stood out the most in my mind (and I might have a slight creative crush on) was an AMAZINGLY talented young woman by the name of Richelle. Her  handcrafted business is named "Metalled with", and her work is nothing short of inspiring. Richelle makes beautiful jewelry out of metal (that she sodders and creates), botanicals, and resin. 

I'd say she is my competition, since I've started making things like this myself....but that would be putting myself at her level. And I'm totally not there. I can not get over how stunning each piece on her table was. From her packaging, detail metal filagree work, and crystal clear resin, it was perfect. 

One day, I hope I am as good as Richelle. To top it off, she was as sweet as pie! We talked for a good bit, and she shared a few little trade secrets with me. 

See. Told ya I had a slight crush. 


Anyways, the trip was awesome. The weather was perfect. We all were happy. 

Tomorrow is football and Inlaws. Perhaps I can sneak down to my craft room to put this inspiration to work! 



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