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Handmade for the Holidays


I’m in full on crafty mode here in our humble abode known as Brown Acre. There are so many projects to be made and ideas to pin, that my head is spinning! Every year, I make handmade gifts for my family. That’s six adult women, 5 adult men, and 6 young kids (both genders and ages ranging from a few months old to 6).  As each season approaches, I’m scrambling to come up with unique gifts to make and give…and let me tell you this year I’m stumped! I’ve been scouring pinterest, google, and all my wonderful crafty sites to come up with SOMETHING. So far, I have the kids done, but nothing for the adults….Let’s just say I’m slightly stressed about this.
So today, I’ve decided to gather up some awesome DIY handmade gift tutorials from around the web for your enjoyment, just in case you are in the same boat as me=).

Handmade gift ideas:

Start here with this free printable! I’m using it to organize all the gifts I make and purchase this year. In the past, I’ve just written things down on scrap paper. This is much prettier=).


1.) Rice heating pad

I can’t believe I’ve not made these until now. I thought they were no big deal, but I made several last night and OMG. I’m in love with them. I’ve been carrying a small one around in my pocket and I placed another at the bottom of my bed and my toes were oh so toasty last night! Totally recommending making these as gifts or for yourself!

2.) Nature Pendants:

Oh course I had to add in a few of my own handmade items to the list=). These pendants are sure to please the ladies in your life and be treasured because they were made by you an each is unique!

3.) Quilted Key Fob:

These look easy to make and are very functional! Just what I’m looking for in handmade gifts- either to give or receive!

4.) Owl heat Packs

Again, heat packs. But these are shaped like super cute owls! If you want to put slightly more time into some, then go with these.

5.) Instagram Magnets: 

I’ve purchased magnets before through and they were great! But now I know how to DIY them! You can snag your families photos from social media sites and use them to surprise them with meaningful instagram photos for the fridge.

6.) DIY Silhouettes:

These silhouettes are so popular right now, and for good reason. They go with just about any style décor and are representations of important people in your life: aka the wee ones.

7.) Vanilla Extract: 

Who doesn’t need vanilla extract?!? Everyone uses it. Did you know you can make your own?? My Brother-in –Law makes VE and it is oh so much better than store bought. But what isn’t?

8.) E-reader case

Perfect for the tech family who loves gadgets, this e-reader tutorial is super easy and no sewing needed!

9.) Zippered Case: 

Cute and fairly simple, zippered cases are my fav. Know why? Functional peeps.

10.) Salt Dough Ornaments:

I shared my salt dough ornaments a few days ago, but I wanted to mention it again. These make lovely gifts for grandparents!

11.) Rope Nesting Bowls:

This DIY is next on my list to try. I love the look of them and it almost seems too easy. Hope I don’t have a pinterest fail with these…

12.) Grimm Style wooden blocks: 

If you were to purchase some of these rainbow blocks, you’d have to sell your left kidney to afford them. Not really, but they are pricey. So, what to do in situations like these? DIY IT!

13.) Baby Dino: 

I’m going to make this for Baby Ronan’s stocking this year. Oh so cute, and he will love the tags!

14.) DIY Fire Starter: 

I made these and shared them a few days ago, but I first made them last Christmas as gifts for the dudes of the family. They were a huge hit, which is why I’m still getting requests a year later!

15.) Teacup lights: 

These are adorbs, dontcha think?? Upcycling is so fun with vintage pieces, like these tea cups. And turning them into a candle is easy and inexpensive.



So there you have it, folks! My favorite handmade gift ideas for this year!

Do you make gifts each year? Which of the above do YOU like best? Tell me in the comments! Happy crafting!


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"Some great gifts here! Can't wait to make some, added them to my list smile Thanks for linking up to Turn it up Tuesday. Hope you will visit us for Snickerdoodle Sunday @"

By Kristina & Millie on 11/29/2013

"This is a great list! pinning! thanks for sharing smile"

By Angela on 11/27/2013

"Love love love that you're finding the holiday organization printables useful! Print as many times as you like and enjoy! XO, Lindsey"

By Lindsey on 11/27/2013

"Megan, thanks so much for featuring my key fobs. What a fun round-up!"

By Karin @ Leigh Laurel Studios on 11/27/2013

"I love the Nature Pendents and the Fire Starter. I also have to find out what goes in vanilla extract. Homemade gifts are always a favorite of mine."

By Jennifer Williams on 11/27/2013

"These may be handmade gifts but they are super cool! I'd love to receive them too! Put me your pretty printable list! Love them!"

By Sharon on 11/26/2013

"Great ideas, Meg! You are oh so creative. I love the heated rice pads. I've always wanted to try those. And PLEASE add me to the list for one of your clay nature necklaces. I am in love with those."

By Becky Clark on 11/26/2013

"Jen, the nature pendants are not in the etsy shop yet. Maybe they will be soon=).

Tiff, I can't believe your fridge isn't magnetic! I didn't even know they came like that...

By Megan on 11/26/2013

"I LOVE your blog. It is full of crafter's eye candy and great ideas. Are the nature pendants in your etsy shop? I ordered earrings, you sent them and cant wait for them to come YAY!"

By jenny at dapperhouse on 11/26/2013

"Love those owls and the vanilla!"

By Jesica H on 11/26/2013